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May 12: Day off-overnight fishing !

We are sampling only every two days because we are running out of sampling bottles and are waiting for a precise date of delivery of the freight sent from France.
Sending freight is tricky in spring because the only way to do it is by plane and cargo is booked mainly for fresh food (fruits and vegetables).
Indeed the winter road closed 1 month ago and the first boat is expected by the end of may…


May 4 : Starting intensive sampling

After two days sampling in cloudy/snowy conditions, the sun was back for an ideal sampling time on the shinny ice of the Yenisey.
Current temperatures are quite cold about -3 to -6 °C during day and from -10 to -18 °C at night.
Thus ice is still thick (near 1m) and there are almost no sign of melting.
Fishermen in their cabines still have some great days of fishing to comme.
According to weather forecast, positive temperature should occur on friday, let see what happen next!


May 2: Back in Igarka

Beautiful view from the plain over the frozen Yenisei and the city of Igarka.
The weather was very sunny and warm for the arrival, and everything was starting melting.
But now a cold wave has come, bringing some snow and refreezing.
Lab material and goods have been checked, we are ready to go!
First sample of the spring mission has been taken through the ice of the river on Friday 29/04 on a sunnybut cold day (between -10 and -5 °C).